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Employee Handbooks

Protect your business from lawsuits, meet federal and state requirements and clearly explain workplace expectations and company benefits to employees.
  • Federal and state compliant policies (for all 50 states)
  • Offer a California-specific handbook
  • Handbooks can be maintained online or downloaded
  • Rollout to employees and acknowledgements can be handled online
  • Federal and state policy updates can be managed and incorporated throughout the year
  • Annually renewable online access to employee handbook




Single State




Job Descriptions

The foundation of effective recruiting efforts, employee performance and talent development.
  • Job description development and/or review
  • Job analysis to include essential functions, duties and responsibilities, FLSA status, physical demands and requirements
  • Job specification to include knowledge, skills, abilities and other qualifications





Per JD


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Performance Standards

A key contributor to high performance and productivity is setting and communicating job performance standards to employees.
  • Establishing performance expectations
  • Defining successful performance & measurements used
  • May include setting goals

Per Position





Classification Audits

Reduce your risk by properly classifying positions according to their FLSA status.
  • Employee classification analysis
  • Risk Assessment – Exemption by exemption evaluation
  • Self-audit tool is a one-year subscription with unlimited audits and reports

Self Audit Tool


Unlimited audits

HRBS Audit


1st position audited
+ $125 each add’l

Training—Compliance & Manager/Employee Success

Meet your employer requirements and set up your team for success by providing critical, timely training.

  • Workplace Harassment & Violence (state specific) – Managers & Employees
  • HIPAA Privacy & Security Rule incl. Breach Protocol | Cybersecurity
  • Employment Laws | Hiring & Termination
  • Performance Reviews | Coaching & Positive/Progressive Discipline
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Development

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Compliance Software
& Notifications

Have the tools you need to successfully handle the HR responsibilities of your organization.
  • Client Access to Online Tools to include HR checklists, interview guides, sample job descriptions, salary benchmarking, FMLA Advisor, HR training videos, downloadable forms and much more.
  • Federal & State Law Notifications & Updates
  • Compliance Calendar
  • HR Hotline (optional)

HR Library



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